We comprehend and embrace life as stories and narratives. These narratives often define our attributed roles or our own perceptions. My work moves beyond traditional narrative biography with the retracing of its relationship to the past, present and future. It creates multiple lines of possibilities through time and space. It can mimic the mind while allowing time travel or parallel worlds to exist at the same time. And the past is anything but a definite and stable history.

At this time I am working on a group of photographs that are planned and composed in advance. Through carefully selected clothing, cosmetics, props (found and handmade) and setting, I have made the narrative passages of time more tangible to the viewer. I’ve chosen the 1930s and taken photos of myself in the fashion of that time, as both the woman and the man.

While the work remains charming and sincere, the subversion often leads to something surprisingly discerning or even dubious.

Joann Harrah